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Child, Adolescent and Adult
Therapy and Counseling Services

At the Family Psychology Center, our goal is to provide high quality services to treat each person’s unique concerns. We value close collaboration to find the best approach to resolve your areas of concern.

Child counseling

To schedule an appointment or to obtain more information call or text:






We offer a 15 minute free and confidential telephone consultation. 


Dr. Lecrone provides diagnostic assesment and counseling to guide and support children and teens as they navigate school, social situations, activities and new experiences. Children and teens find a safe space to discuss sensitive issues and gain confidence as they gain increased insight and skills. Use of supportive texting services is available to best meet teen's needs when going through particularly difficult days.

Midlothian Teen Counseling


Dr. Lecrone works with couples to identify communication patterns, core needs, and goals in relationships and to develop effective solutions, Couples will actively practice new skills in session to resolve conflicts and enhance relationships. 





Dr. Lecrone uses interpersonal and cognitive behavioral strategeis to help adults who experience issues of anxiety, depression, anger, loss, divorce and other life changes. Sessions focus on helping clients gain increased insight regarding their experiences and on finding adaptive strategies to effectively manage difficult feelings and behaviors to foster positive changes and growth,




Meeting with parents and children together helps to increase effective communication, manage challenging behaviors, and improve problem-solving strategies to enhance children's well-being and parent-child relationships. Family therapy can involve siblings and other important family members to develop more comprehensive solutions.

Richmond Couples Counseling
Children Educational Issues


For children struggling in school with academic or social issues, Dr. Lecrone helps to identify problem areas and consults with your child's teacher and other school personnel to develop supportive school interventions and services, including 504 plans.  For children and adolescents struggling with test anxiety, she provides cognitive behavioral and skill building strategies to help them perform to their best potential. 

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